8x5ft 7 Leaf Rocker Trailer Galvanized

8x5 Galv Trailer

The largest 8ft on road tandem trailer built at Loadstar Trailers galvanised for extra strength. The deeper sides and strong built suspension and frame make it built to last.

Product Description

  • 350mm deep tray
  • 100 x 50 x 2.5mm longer RHS tube drawbar – 1.3 m long
  • 1.6mm sheeting along the sides and 2.5mm sheet floor
  • 50 x 50 x 5mm angle chassis
  • 7 leaf rocker springs with 39 mm round axles
  • Front and back tail gates
  • 32 mm round tube tie off
  • 14 or 15 inch secondhand tyres
  • ADR approved LED lights
  • Rated for 750kg unbraked or 2000kg braked
  • Extra welds to help prevent buckling
  • Locally Australian galvanized dipped for a better finish