8x5ft Galvanised Caged Import Trailer with 900mm Cage

Galv Caged trailer 8x5

A fully welded RHS chasis, heavy duty tandem axle trailer. This trailer is galvanized and is built strong. Realistic capacity of 2500kg but licensed only for 2000 kg. This trailer is fitted with a 900 mm galvanized cage

Product Description

  • 300 mm deep tray
  • 100 x 50 x 3mm RHS tube drawbar – 1.7 m long
  • 75 x 50 RHS chasis
  • 2.5 checker plate sheeting all around
  • 6 leaf rocker roller springs
  • 45 mm square axle with slimline bearings
  • Mechanical over ride brakes to the front axle
  • Front and back tail gate drop down removable
  • Tube tie off all around
  • 14 inch 185 light truck new tyres
  • ADR approved LED lights
  • Fully galvanized.
  • 900 mm galvanized cage